Name :  Good Proposals, Inc.

General Manager, Sr. Proposal Expert : Kiyomi Mizusaki

Address : 5F, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan #104-0061

Business Description

We will respond to consultation about the proposal individually for the directors and leaders of the client company and consulting mainly on improvement of the proposal preparation process of the company.We will also proactive proposals according to customers’ needs, manage answer proposals to bidding and support production. I would be pleased if we could implement proposal preparation workshops to raise the skills of all our employees.

Message from Good Proposals


Good proposals for good life


For C-level executives or directors, we organize the story of your mission and strategy, and develop your business proposal process with messages that best fit the Japanese business scene, accelerate your business, and optimize your sales and service lifecycle.

We are most adept at telling the story of the company-level message that is most needed in a solution sales proposal and optimizing it.
A proposal is a tool to win the hearts and minds of the customers in front of you. At the same time, it is also a way to communicate a message that appeals directly to customers and partners without having to meet them face-to-face. It would be a great pleasure to be able to help you directly communicate this important role as a top-level message of your company.

Service Portfolio

■Proposal Expert Service 

We can assist you with Japanese-style proposals and proposal processes that arise when your company enters the Japanese market, including C-level executives and professionals, and we can meet with you in person or via remote meetings as a consulting service. Support will include outline proposal development, consulting including training, and implementing levels of support that affect overall business management and marketing.

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