Name :  Good Proposals, Inc.

Representative Director & President, Sr. Proposal Expert : Kiyomi Mizusaki

Address : 5F, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan #104-0061

Business Description

We will respond to consultation about the proposal individually for the directors and leaders of the client company and consulting mainly on improvement of the proposal preparation process of the company.We will also proactive proposals according to customers’ needs, manage answer proposals to bidding and support production. I would be pleased if we could implement proposal preparation workshops to raise the skills of all our employees.

Message from Good Proposals


Good proposals for good life


Support leaders and professionals with more effective professional business proposals

Service Portfolio

We provide the following business proposal support.

■Proposal Expert Service 

We will solve your concerns about Japanese proposals and suggestion processes that occur when you do business in Japan. We will do it in a form to meet with individuals such as leaders or professional people on a one-on-one basis. Remote discussion is also possible using tools. It is provided as a subscription service in the three different levels, you can contact whenever you are in trouble or when you have time depending on the levels of support.

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■Proactive/Bid Management Support in Japanese

We will support your company in doing business in Japan. We will support the preparation of sophisticated professional proposal in Japanese style and preparation of bidding proposal in Japanese to companies and government agencies.

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■Proposal Seminar/Workshop 

We present a short-term seminar based on a workshop that learns what to manage in the proposal preparation process. The workshop is a good, quick step to understand the actual proficiency. Advice is done in the workshop session, and the content to be handled is shared confidentially in the seminar room. We can customize seminars / workshops according to your requirements.

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